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Lease Agreement Registration with Cedolare Secca, how to Do It?

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Are you an owner and are you thinking of renting your apartment with a dry coupon or have you already signed the contract? Find out all about how lease registration with dry coupon works.

Wandering on the web looking for information for registering a rental contract with a dry coupon, you may have come across incomprehensible acronyms such as ‘Syria’, ‘Iris’, ‘RLI’ and so on and so forth. Very well: forget everything you have read so far – this is information that is no longer valid. Keep reading this post to understand how lease registration with coupon dry works.

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Who is required to register the lease?

The lease with coupon dry must always be registered by the owner of the property. In the past, many homeowners preferred the tenant, or even a professional such as a lawyer, to take care of the registration. However, the 2016 stability law established that registration must necessarily take place in the name of the owner, who has 30 days to fulfill this obligation. In the following 60 days he must then communicate it to the tenant and to the condominium administrator.

How much does it cost to register a rental contract with a dry coupon

Generally, on a property rented for residential use, 2% of the annual rent is required as registration tax + 16.00% stamp duty for every 4 written sides of the contract.

In the case of the dry coupon, since 2011 neither of these two taxes is due, so there are no registration costs.

How to register a rental contract with a dry coupon?

To register the contract, you have three very simple options:

  • you can contact a professional: these are intermediaries authorized to register the contract, such as a lawyer for example, but also a CAF or one of the homeowners’ associations.
  • you can register the contract with the Revenue Agency in your city.
  • you can use the electronic registration services of the Revenue Agency. The use of these services is mandatory only if you own at least 10 apartments, even if you only have to register one rental contract, or if you are a brokerage agent. In all other cases, you can choose to register in the office.

We remind you that the lease agreement with coupon dry must be registered within 30 days of signing it.

Furthermore, the Revenue Agency specifies that ‘The new lease agreements must contain a clause with which the tenant declares to have received the information and documentation, including the certificate, on the certification of the building’s energy performance (APE). The copy of the APE must also be attached to the contract, with the exception of the cases of leasing of single real estate units (Dl 145/2013) ‘

Do I always have to register the contract in person?

It is not necessary to register the coupon contract by presenting the model in person. If you do not have time and do not want to use online services, you can delegate a family member or friend, as long as you add a photocopy of your identity document to the mandate.

What you need to register the contract with a dry coupon

To register the lease with coupon dry you only need:

  • a copy of the lease
  • the RLI model

If you want to use telematics services, you will also need:

  • the access data to the telematics service – to access the telematics service you must register with the telematic services of the Agency. After registration you will be sent a password. Remember that the telematic service of your interest is Fisconline. Entratel is only used by those who have to submit declarations for more than 20 subjects.
  • scanner or a document scanning app

What is the RLI Model

RLI is the abbreviation for Real Estate Lease Registration. This is a model that has been used since 2014 and has been updated in 2020 (there was a further change in 2021 due to the pandemic, but essentially the same as the 2020 model) The RLI model has effectively replaced all models previous (Model 69, Model Syria, Iris, etc.).

This is the model to use for all communications between you and the Revenue Agency: not only the registration of the contract, but also the extension of the lease, the termination, the revocation of the dry coupon, the communication of cadastral data Whether you choose to communicate the registration in paper format, via the internet (using the free software ‘model RLI web’ on the Revenue Agency website) or through a professional, this is the only model to use.

How to fill in the RLI model

The completion of the form to register a contract with the flat rate is not difficult. The model consists of 11 pages in all, and is divided into five frames. Here is the general information to be included in each panel:

  • Panel A – In this panel you will enter the general data on your property. The section to be completed for registration of the contract with dry coupon is Section I.
  • Panel B – This is a panel reserved for the data of the landlord and tenant, where you will enter their respective tax codes, personal data, etc.
  • Panel C – This panel is reserved for real estate data. To fill it in, you must have the cadastral data available.
  • Panel D – Panel D is very important for the flat rate tax. Here you will provide information on the property, on the coupon option, etc.
  • Panel E – Panel E is not of interest to you if you want to register a contract with a dry coupon. If you opt for the coupon, in fact, you renounce the rent updates, while Part E is used to communicate changes in the rent.

If you choose to submit the RLI Form via the internet, you must attach a copy of the contract. The copy of the lease agreement can be in.pdf, tiff, Or. tiff format

Attaching a copy of the contract is not mandatory in all cases. If you are a small owner, and you need to register a contract with a dry coupon for a single property, attaching the contact is optional. To avoid any risk, however, the advice is to scan the contract and send it online.

What happens after registering the contract with the dry coupon?

You have downloaded and filled in the RLI form, and you have delivered it to the CAF or to an intermediary or sent online to the Revenue Agency. What happens now? Your lease is registered!

After registering the contract with the dry coupon, you just have to notify your tenant and the condominium administrator. Remember that the deadline for communication is 60 days after the date of signing the contract.

Some other advice on the dry coupon

Now you know everything about how to register a rental contract with a dry coupon! Did you know that you can also register for short-term rentals? And even for Airbnb’s? Find out all about our articles dedicated to the 12 most frequently asked questions about the dry coupon for short rentals and the dry coupon for Airbnb!

              Source:  https://propertynews.pk/

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